Rust on Nails: A full stack architecture for Rust web applications

To build a web application you need to make architecture decisions across a range of topics. The beauty of Ruby on Rails or Django is that they make those decisions for you so you can start building your web application straight away. They also back those decisions up with great documentation.

Rust on Nails is a framework leveraging existing solutions that fulfil the needs of a full stack development. We look at each decision that needs to be made then pull in solutions and package everything up so that it works together. It’s an opinionated framework and it’s how Cloak was built see the Cloak Github Repo.

Here’s a breakdown of the services, decisions and best practices covered.

  1. Development Environment as Code
  2. The Web Server and Routing
  3. Choosing a Database
  4. Configuration
  5. Database Migrations
  6. Database Access
  7. HTML Templating
  8. Form Handling and Validation
  9. Asset Pipeline
  10. Cache busting and images
  11. Layouts
  12. Front End Enhancement
  13. Partials and Components
  14. Sending Email
  15. Authentication
  16. Integration Tests

Let’s get started.

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