Rust is hard, yes, but does it matter?

Rust is hard, yes, but does it matter? - Julio Merino (
Rust is infamous for having a steep learning curve. The borrow checker, preferred idioms and design patterns, the meaning of core traits… these are all things one must learn before being proficient with the language. So, yes, Rust is hard, but does it matter in practical terms? Can we expect large-ish teams to succeed when adopting the language?

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A better shortness, Rust is hard because it forces you to fix your bugs first, instead of just making something and having it run until it doesn’t sometime in the future because of random bugs. Dealing with bugs in the type system is a better way (and rust still even has ways to skip most checks if you want to make something fast, but then you’ll at least crash on a bug happening instead of just random stuff happening, which is definitely better in my opinion) even if it does raise the initial difficulty of learning, it makes you a much better programmer in the long term, including in other languages.