Ruby on Rails 6 Video Course


At times Rails can feel magical. That’s part of what makes it so productive and powerful. But until you understand the “magic”, trying to build a Rails app can be just plain frustrating!

How much more satisfying would it be to pop open your code editor next week and confidently jump into a Rails app?

  • Build a new feature you can be proud of.

  • Laugh in the face of error messages because you know how to fix them.

  • Heck, even deploy your app!

You can do this. The “magic” of Rails is totally understandable. For 16 years The Pragmatic Studio has been helping developers move from confusion to confidence with Rails. One concept at a time. One clear explanation at a time. One “AHA!” moment at a time.

In their online video course you build not just one, but two full-featured Rails apps from start to finish. You see every move, every change, every refactoring first hand. It’s a finely-tuned mix of videos, animations, and exercises that have demystified Rails for thousands of developers. In no time you’ll go from “Argh, I’m lost!” to “Aha, now I TOTALLY get it!”

“Of all the courses I looked at out there, your course is the highest quality (and the best price) I found—hands down! I cannot summon enough superlatives to describe how much I have learned and how much more confidence I have in my Rails skills. I have learned more with your course than any other single resource I’ve tried.” -Ryan Benedetti

Get the full course details and start learning Rails today!

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