Resourceful Code Reuse (PragProg)

Reusing well-written, well-debugged, and well-tested code improves productivity, code quality, and configurability. It even takes some pressure off you as the software developer. Explore the benefits and drawbacks of seven popular code reuse models in Python and C so that you can start confidently reusing code at any development stage. Create static and dynamic libraries and adapt your code for the real world. Deploy functions remotely and then build software that accesses them using remote procedure calls. Don't lose it, reuse it!!

Dmitry Zinoviev @aqsaqal

edited by Adaobi Obi Tulton @aotulton

Get ready to take a deep dive into Python and C while learning to avoid the drawbacks and harness the benefits associated with seven common code reuse models. In no time at all, you’ll develop the confidence to reuse code at any stage of real-world development.

This one-stop solution covers the complete build cycle: editing, compiling, linking, and running a ready program. Apply Linux/macOS power software development tools, such as ld, ldd, ranlib, and nm, to construct and explore state-of-the-art function libraries in C that could be linked with application-specific code either permanently or for the duration of execution. Learn why Python has modules for reuse and how they differ from C object files and libraries. Understand the risks and other negative implications of sharing and reuse. As a bonus, distill the dependencies between your project’s components and automate and optimize your build process with the “make” utility.

Whether you are an amateur coder or an experienced developer, become a more productive and resourceful programmer by reusing previously written code.

Dmitry Zinoviev is a professor of Computer Science at Suffolk University in Boston and has a dual degree in Physics and Computer Science. He is passionate about C and Python programming, complex network analysis, computational social science, and digital humanities.

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