Python Concurrency: The Tricky Bits

As a data scientist who is spending more time on software engineering, I was recently forced to confront an ugly gap in my knowledge of Python: concurrency. To be honest, I never completely understood how the terms async, threads, pools and coroutines were different and how these mechanisms could work together. Every time I tried to learn about the subject, the examples were a bit too abstract for me, and I hard time internalizing how everything worked.

This changed when a friend of mine2 recommended a live coding talk by David Beazley, an accomplished Python educator.

This talk is incredibly intimidating at first. Not only is it coded live from scratch, but it also jumps immediately into socket programming, something that I had never encountered as a data scientist. However, if you go through it slowly and understand all the components (as we do in this blog post) it turns out to be the best educational material on Python concurrency I have ever encountered. This blog post documents what I learned along the way so others can benefit, too…

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