Proxying website use backend

I have an iOS app where needs a proxying website through private server(HTTP / HTTPS proxy), but its idea each time has some trouble, when I am trying to solve their on the client-side, how I can solve this problem use the back end.

IMPORTANT: need proxying website which has various type of JavaScript. Appearing idea use anonymizer, I am trying various websites like 2ip and another anonymizer, it’s work good BUT when I use anonymizer for a web site like, youtube which have JS I can’t saw video content, If the site has PHP it’s not a problem looking a video content through a proxy.

Question: How I can solve this problem use back end(Technology doesn`t matter) if I want proxying websites with video content through a proxy, and these sites have JS?

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The problem with sites like YouTube is if they can’t serve you ads they won’t show you the content - some online proxies actually try to swap out ads for their own (some ISPs used to do this too afaik) as this is what essentially pays for the service (tho doesn’t happen with https sites).

If you need a proxy to connect to services, then you’ll need a proxy service which you configure at your router level (and what you usually have to pay for), or if you need one to use via a browser you could use one of the guides like this:

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