Property-Based Testing with PropEr, Erlang, and Elixir: Elixir code for Chapter 8?

PropCheck supports TargetedPBT now – PropCheck.TargetedPBT — PropCheck v1.4.1

Is the Elixir code for Chapter 8 Targeted Properties available somewhere?


It should be on the PragProg book page here:

Let me know if the code you are looking for is missing and I’ll reach out to the author.

I downloaded that zip file to double check before posting this question. The book says at the time of writing the Elixir library PropCheck did not support Targeted property based testing, so there is no Elixir code in the book or in the zip file for chapter 8. Since the library does support that feature now, it should be possible to add the Elixir code for chapter 8.

I am enjoying the book and could probably figure out the Elixir version myself, but it would be nice to see working code.


@CoderDennis thanks for the clarification. I’ll reach out to the author and see if he is willing to update the book code.