Programming Phoenix LiveView B8: missing alias when adding ratings to product schema (page 157)

The example code to add a ratings association to the products schema is missing the direction to also add alias Pento.Survey.Rating to the Pento.Catalog.Product module.

With that alias missing the code doesn’t immediately get flagged as an error in the module but errors show up later when recompiling the project

warning: invalid association `ratings` in schema Pento.Catalog.Product: associated schema Rating does not exist
  lib/pento/catalog/product.ex:1: Pento.Catalog.Product (module)

And when querying Catalog.list_products_with_user_ratings(user)

Pento.Catalog.Product does not have association or embed :ratings

Fixed block of code

  alias Pento.Survey.Rating

  schema "products" do
    field :description, :string
    field :name, :string
    field :sku, :integer
    field :unit_price, :float
    field :image_upload, :string
    has_many :ratings, Rating