Programming Phoenix LiveView B3.0: handle_params/3 is called after mount/3 (page 94)

The right lifecycle should be

  • mount/3
  • handle_prams/3
  • render/3

Could you paste a link to doc, that can confirm right livecyle, please? :slight_smile:

From the LiveView source code:

From post in ElixirForum, it mentions:

  1. handle_params is called after mount

And from the course provided by Pragmatic Studio. It mentions this order in a section, but I can’t remember which one, sorry.

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Right you are! We’ll correct this in an upcoming Beta release. Thanks for pointing this out :slight_smile:

@redrapids, I’ll update the prose but I believe you have the source file for the image on page 94. Go ahead and update then when you get a chance. Thanks!

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Thanks for the heads up! This change is made and will go out in the next release.