Programming Crystal Book Club

Thank you very much! I will start Rust from tomorrow, opening a section on it like this one to ask questions. It would be super good if you’d help me out. And judging from your responses in this thread, I am confident those would be more helpful than the books :slight_smile:

I think to start with, I will mostly initially have asynchronously reviewable questions and Github PR-s… I already have a few projects in mind. To be able to be pair programming, I’d need some familiarity with Rust first (I am at Hello World level right now), and it would be great if you’re up for it at that time

I do have Clion. Is the IDE experience of Rust any good? I also checked my Manning and PragProg accounts, looks like I have all Manning Rust books/videos bought (Not sure why and how I did that), none of PragProg’s (Not sure why and how I didn’t do that). But I think you’re right, the official “Rust Book” might be enough, it’s written keeping “everyone” in mind, I felt like.

I can’t thank you and @AstonJ enough for motivating me through the journals. I have learned more Crystal and OCaml than I would have if done solo. I am hoping the have better experience with Rust since I have more than just “Advent of Code” and Syntax-level interest in this one :slight_smile:


I wish I was as fast a reader as you Mafinar! We definitely have to do some Rust book clubs (I already bought #book-hands-on-rust) but just gotta finish Programming Erlang Book Club first. I hope to get back into it all soon tho - I’ve nearly finished porting our portal system over to one site, then it’s just one more after that and I’ll have more time for books :smiley:

You’re welcome and thank YOU for doing them! I’ve enjoyed following all of yours (and everyone else’s) journals and book clubs :blush:

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My need for sleep is 3/4 hours a day (any more than that on a non-sick day and I get migraine). So time is on my side; the true enemy is procrastination. Which is why I found this forum to be so useful, I can just jump right in and people join, help and motivate.


On weekends I’m mostly watching a baby so I won’t have any real computer time, but feel free to ask me questions on Discord or so and I can answer in mostly real time. :slight_smile:

Clion and RustAnalyzer (an LSP server, mostly designed to work with VSCode) are the big Rust IDE’s out, they are pretty much on par overall but I still like Clion better as it’s an actual IDE with other useful IDE features, both are very good though. :slight_smile:

I can also help with OCaml questions, feel free to ask. ^.^


Yes, spent decent amount of time reading the Rust book and coding some Advent of Code. Feels like this time I won’t give up.

I am starting a thread on it soon. The amount of lessons I learned from just doing 2 day 1 level Advent of Code in Rust is crazy!

My apologies in advance to @OvermindDL1 for all the silly questions I’ll be asking.


Lol! Remember, if you have a question then other people do too, so it’s good to publicly document it! ^.^

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Hi folks !

Sorry for the radio silence but I was quit busy later. I’ve get another job and thus, I documented all the stuff etc, it took me a lot of time and energy.

I can start reading and giving you my feedback on the chapters in a couple of weeks.
But unfortunately I would not be able to compare Go and Crystal since I’ll not work with Go.

Hope you’re all well !