Programmer Passport: Elixir:

Programmer Passport: Elixir (pages 12-13)
Description: @shortdocs will not generate help as presented.

On pages 12-13 we’re asked to write a module with a “@shortdoc” entry which should provide help info when mix help is entered at the command line. This will not work as demonstrated in the book.

In order to get this to work, the module in question would need to also contain a “@moduledoc” entry as well, as shortdoc entries will only be processed if moduledoc entries are present. Details can be found here:

I’m mentioning this as I picked up the book to help a friend learning Elixir. He mentioned that he picked up this book, so I purchased to be able to follow along and help him in his journey. I noticed this before he got to it. I’m sure he may have spent quite some time trying to figure out what he was doing wrong if he hit it first.

Thank you.