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An excerpt from Creating Software with Modern Diagramming Techniques by Ashley Peacock @ashleypeacock:

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Today’s article is about the DevTalk spotlight on Peter Ullrich:

Who is the author of:

Join the ask me anything for a chance to win a copy of his book.

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An excerpt from Mazes for Programmers by Jamis Buck:

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The book:


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“Starting Apple,” an excerpt from Fire in the Valley by Michael Swaine @michaelswaine and Paul Freiberger:

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Some tips from Ken Kousen @kenkousen on using Mockito’s inline mock maker to test Java classes whose dependencies are either final classes or classes containing final methods:

Ken’s book:

#java #testing #book-mockito-made-clear

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Need a new language for sysadmin tasks? Try Go. Go is an open source programming language that combines the ease of use provided by dynamic languages with the reliability and performance provided by statically typed, compiled languages. It’s a great choice for developing command-line tools and automation solutions.

Ricardo Gerardi @rgerardi shows you Go basics in just a few minutes:

His book:


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Rust and Go are catapulting productivity and performance, while handling security concerns more effectively. Mike Riley @mriley suggests that if you want to stay ahead of the curve in programming, it’s time to start learning these languages. Read more:

Mike’s book:

#go #rust #pragprog #book-portable-python-projects

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Read about the books that are part of week six of PragProg’s Spring Sale. Save 50 percent at checkout with promo code TOOLS2023 for a limited time.

#programming #testing #books #sale

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There are multiple ways to approach testing a service. Sometimes the first solution you try works just fine and makes sense–until you find a more elegant solution. Author Ken Kousen shares his adventure testing a service using Mockito:

Ken’s book, Mockito Made Clear, is on sale for a limited time during week six of PragProg’s Spring Sale. Save 50 percent at checkout with promo code TOOLS2023.

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Is it time to start A/B testing? Author Leemay Nassery @leemay helps you decide:

Leemay’s book:

#programming #testing #book-practical-a-b-testing

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Celebrating Agile Web Development with Rails 7 by Sam Ruby, now out of beta and in print:

Get the ebook from Use code d e v t a l k . c o m at checkout to save 35 percent.

For a hardcopy, ask your local independent bookstore or

#ruby #rails #web #book-agile-web-development-with-rails-7

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Today on Medium, excerpts from two books that are part of week six of PragProg’s Spring Sale:

Small, Sharp Software Tools by Brian P. Hogan @bphogan:


Practical Vim 2e by Drew Neil:


Save 50% on the ebooks with TOOLS2023 until midnight ET, May 16, 2023

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Powerful Command-Line Applications in Go by @rgerardi is 50% off with Spring Sale code TOOLS2023 through midnight ET tonight.

Here’s an excerpt:

#programming #go #book-powerful-command-line-applications-in-go

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An article on getting started with tmux from author Ricardo Gerardi @rgerardi:

A Beginner’s Guide to tmux

His book:

#tmux #linux #book-powerful-command-line-applications-in-go

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Get a glimpse into what was going on 10 years ago in AI in this article by Mike Swaine from the PragPub archives:

Choice Bits: Hot Books and The Talk of the Tech

Mike’s book:

#ai #book-fire-in-the-valley

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Today on Medium, we are celebrating Sophie DeBenedetto.

You can read an interview with the author here on DevTalk:

Be sure to ask her a question in the “ask me anything” section following the interview for a chance to win a copy of Programming Phoenix LiveView: Programming Phoenix LiveView: Interactive Elixir Web Programming Without Writing Any JavaScript by Bruce A. Tate and Sophie DeBenedetto

#Elixir #Phoenix #book-programming-phoenix-liveview

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An excerpt from Python Testing with pytest by Brian Okken:

“Testing Plugins”

Pick up the book:

#python #testing #pytest #book-python-testing-with-pytest-second-edition

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50 percent off all books that were part of PragProg’s Spring Sale with code SPRING2023 thru midnight June 1st (ET).

Here’s the book list.

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Learn about using a delay when verifying a method call on a mock In Mockito.

Ken’s @kenkousen Mockito Made Clear ebook is available at half price for a few more days with code SPRING2023:

#java #testing #tdd #pragprog #books

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Celebrating Practical A/B Testing by Leemay Nassery, now in print:

#software #testing #abtesting #book-practical-a-b-testing

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