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This Friday on Medium, no stuff, just fluff–a fun Wordoku puzzle:

If you like puzzles, pick up Erica Sadun’s @PragmaticErica book:

The ebook is under $6 with your exclusive DevTalk promo code d e v t a l k . c o m


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Why read beta books?

See what’s in beta with The Pragmatic Bookshelf:

#programming #books

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An excerpt about tracking genealogy in a genealogy tree from Genetic Algorithms in Elixir by Sean Moriarity:

The book:

#algorithms #elixir #ai

Use promo code d e v t a l k . c o m at checkout on to save 35% on the ebook.

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What we look for in a proposal for a tech book:

#books #writing

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Mike Riley’s @mriley take on choosing a 2D gaming engine for games that need to run on both iOS and Android:


Mike’s book:

#iot #hardware #python #book-portable-python-projects

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Spring Sale at PragProg starts tomorrow. Daily time-limited deals throughout April and May!

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Today on Medium, follow along with a simple Java project that uses Mockito for testing:

Ken’s book:

#java #tdd #book-mockito-made-clear

Use promo code d e v t a l k . c o m at checkout on to save 35% on the ebook.

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Today on Medium, Ashley Peacock @ashleypeacock considers the differences between short-lived and long-lived software engineering diagrams:

Ashley’s book:


Be sure to use promo code d e v t a l k . c o m to save 35 percent on the ebook.

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Today on Medium, a functional programming reading list:


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Week one of PragProg’s Spring season sale on tech books is wrapping up on April 12th. You can save 50 percent on these books with promo code CODING2023 until then.

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A Scala and functional style example that produces amazingly concise code that does not mutate any state:

This is an excerpt by author @venkats from Functional Programming: A PragPub Anthology.

#scala #programming #pragprog #books #functional-programming

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PragProg’s Python offerings:

What other Python-related book topics would you like to see?

#pragprog #python #books #programming

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From the PragPub archives, a series on working with geographically distributed agile teams by Johanna Rothman and Mark Kilby:

Their book:


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Need a bit of a break to get back on track and focus on work? Exercise your mind with a PragProg Wordoku puzzle:

We have more puzzles for you in Rust, Go, Python, Pandas, and mathematics:

#fun #programming

Note: If you want to solve the Wordoku puzzle and have hit the paywall, just ask me for the friend link. You can reply here or email

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Today on Medium, excerpts from a few of the books currently on sale. Save 50 percent on these ebooks by using code GROW2023 at checkout through midnight ET tonight (April 17th, 2023).

Look out for another set of books on sale starting April 18th by checking our Promotions page.

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Check out the titles in week three of PragProg’s Spring sale:

#programming #books #pragprog

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What’s the difference between Mockito and BDDMockito? Ken Kousen @kenkousen explains in this article:

#java #tdd #testing #book-mockito-made-clear

Pick up his ebook at a 35 percent discount using code d e v t a l k . c o m at checkout:

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Today on Medium, an excerpt from A Common-Sense Guide to Data Structures and Algorithms, Second Edition by Jay Wengrow. As part of PragProg’s Spring sale, you can save 50 percent on the ebook by using code DATAFLOW2023 through midnight ET on April 25th, 2023.

#algorithms #programming #books #pragprog

Direct link to the book page:


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Design and Build Great Web APIs by Mike Amundsen @mamund is part of PragProg’s Spring sale this week.

I really like this excerpt, which talks about Don Norman’s action lifecycle in the context of designing APIs:

#pragprog #web #programming #api #books

The book:

Visit the promo page to see all books on sale.

Spring sale codes will save you 50 percent. Spring sale deals are time-limited, so books are on sale for about a week, and then the next batch goes on sale.

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Domain Modeling Made Functional by Scott Wlaschin @swlaschin is part of the Spring Sale at PragProg this week. Here’s an excerpt:

#programming #books #functional-programming #book-domain-modeling-made-functional

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