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Rust and Go are catapulting productivity and performance, while handling security concerns more effectively. Mike Riley @mriley suggests that if you want to stay ahead of the curve in programming, it’s time to start learning these languages. Read more:

Mike’s book:

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Read about the books that are part of week six of PragProg’s Spring Sale. Save 50 percent at checkout with promo code TOOLS2023 for a limited time.

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There are multiple ways to approach testing a service. Sometimes the first solution you try works just fine and makes sense–until you find a more elegant solution. Author Ken Kousen shares his adventure testing a service using Mockito:

Ken’s book, Mockito Made Clear, is on sale for a limited time during week six of PragProg’s Spring Sale. Save 50 percent at checkout with promo code TOOLS2023.

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Is it time to start A/B testing? Author Leemay Nassery @leemay helps you decide:

Leemay’s book:

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Celebrating Agile Web Development with Rails 7 by Sam Ruby, now out of beta and in print:

Get the ebook from Use code d e v t a l k . c o m at checkout to save 35 percent.

For a hardcopy, ask your local independent bookstore or

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Today on Medium, excerpts from two books that are part of week six of PragProg’s Spring Sale:

Small, Sharp Software Tools by Brian P. Hogan @bphogan:


Practical Vim 2e by Drew Neil:


Save 50% on the ebooks with TOOLS2023 until midnight ET, May 16, 2023

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Powerful Command-Line Applications in Go by @rgerardi is 50% off with Spring Sale code TOOLS2023 through midnight ET tonight.

Here’s an excerpt:

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An article on getting started with tmux from author Ricardo Gerardi @rgerardi:

A Beginner’s Guide to tmux

His book:

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Get a glimpse into what was going on 10 years ago in AI in this article by Mike Swaine from the PragPub archives:

Choice Bits: Hot Books and The Talk of the Tech

Mike’s book:

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Today on Medium, we are celebrating Sophie DeBenedetto.

You can read an interview with the author here on DevTalk:

Be sure to ask her a question in the “ask me anything” section following the interview for a chance to win a copy of Programming Phoenix LiveView: Programming Phoenix LiveView: Interactive Elixir Web Programming Without Writing Any JavaScript by Bruce A. Tate and Sophie DeBenedetto

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An excerpt from Python Testing with pytest by Brian Okken:

“Testing Plugins”

Pick up the book:

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50 percent off all books that were part of PragProg’s Spring Sale with code SPRING2023 thru midnight June 1st (ET).

Here’s the book list.

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Learn about using a delay when verifying a method call on a mock In Mockito.

Ken’s @kenkousen Mockito Made Clear ebook is available at half price for a few more days with code SPRING2023:

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Celebrating Practical A/B Testing by Leemay Nassery, now in print:

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Leemay Nassery @leemay talks about the benefits of A/B Testing:

Her book is now out of beta and in print:

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Did you know that Aristotle believed that zero was not a number? Mark Chu-Cargives us a “zero” history lesson:

Pick up his book at 50% off with code SPRING2023 through midnight ET on June 1, 2023 and fall in love with math:

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Are you planning to take a technical certification exam? Ricardo Gerardi @rgerardi has some tips:

Ricardo’s book:

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Catch up on articles from The Pragmatic Programmers with our May Medium newsletter:


Stephen Bussey @sb8244 wrote the book he wished he had when moving from Ruby to Elixir. Today we are celebrating the beta release!

Remember, DevTalk members can save 35% on the ebook with code d e v t a l k . c o m at checkout.

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Explore some Elixir processes with Stephen Bussey in this excerpt from his new book, From Ruby to Elixir (now in beta).

Pick up the ebook:

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