Portable Python Projects: Help needed = PIR Music Welcoming Station - Raspberry PI

Title: Portable Python Projects


I have been on this for a week now and have very little experience with programming and the raspberry Pi. However I have seen that I should be able to set up my RPi with a PIR (I am getting the sensor hub) but have a standalone PIR, which would in turn play music when someone approaches it for a short time and then resets.
(Basically I am doing a Fine art project which will play a MP3 audio as someone approaches my painting and then switches off as they leave)
Can anyone help me please??? I’m desperate!!!
Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide

Hi Gimball - great to hear you have started building one of the projects in the book. However, it sounds like you’re using your own PiR sensor while you’re waiting for the SensorHub to arrive. Is that right? If so, depending on the type of PiR sensor you are using, it can connect to the Pi’s GPIO pins differently. You would also need to verify when the current pull is up or down. It might also require additional wiring, which is why I recommended the SensorHub as it helps to abstract all this detail via a library that makes polling the sensor status trivial. However, if you are still interested in the custom PiR approach, take a look at this Medium.com article that might help:

Good luck with your Portable Pi Projects!

Hi mriley

Yes, the SensorHub is arriving tomorrow. Many thanks for the link.

Do you have any helpful hints on how I could get the PIR/RPi to play my MP3 clip when movement is detected please?