Podman in Action (Manning)

Podman in Action shows you how to deploy containerized applications on Linux, Windows, and MacOS systems using Podman. Written by Daniel Walsh, who leads the Red Hat Podman team, this book teaches you how to securely manage the entire application lifecycle without human intervention. It also demonstrates how, with Podman, you can easily convert containerized applications into Kubernetes-based microservices.

Daniel Walsh

Podman in Action teaches you how to develop and manage rootless containers using Podman. You’ll quickly get to grips with Podman’s unique advantages over Docker, and learn how easy it is to migrate your Docker-based infrastructure.

Every chapter includes easy-to-follow examples, including steps to deploy a complete containerized web service. You’ll learn the power and security of the user namespace, how to install and run Podman on MacOS and Windows, and dive into key security concepts like SELinux and SECCOMP.

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