Phoenix 1.7.0 interfaces and courses


I am trying to recycle myself and improve my knowledge about Phoenix. With 1.7 now out, this seems like a good opportunity.

What I am looking for

I understand Phoenix now comes with Tailwind included, so I was wondering if someone could help me with a couple of things:

  • Courses on Phoenix 1.7.0 using Tailwind
  • Designs and for Login Pages and menus using Tailwind inside of Phoenix

I am not really that strong in this space, so I was hoping someone could provide samples or courses that I could explore.

I understand that has 1 course, but I am not sure if it covers 1.7 with tailwind. I also could not find a sample Login Design there (although the course is very extensive).

Could you folks share something here?


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How about this?


I couldn’t find which Phoenix version they used for the course. Unfortunately, I don’t think it is 1.7.0 :frowning:

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I just saw this on twitter a few weeks ago:


A quick correction, the author of the course confirmed the project uses Phoenix 1.7
I think I will give this a go.

Thanks for all the recommendations !


What about this?

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I’ll link to my reply on EF:


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It is an amazing course and supports 1.7.0 now