Performance Showdown: Rust vs Javascript (2020)

Performance Showdown: Rust vs Javascript.
After spending some weeks playing with Rust, I felt ready to test my skills and try some programming challenges in the Advent Of Code. My approach to tackle some of those challenges was to solve them using Javascript (I use it in my day to day) first and then port the code to Rust. While writing the port I just focus on getting the Rust code as elegant as possible to achieve that I research the Rust API’s to get syntactically correct. It was after finishing porting this puzzle in particular and feeling a sense of accomplishment that I decided to test how the Rust compiled code will perform against Javascript interpreter.

# Javascript (Node.js)
  real  0m0.374s
  user  0m0.301s
  sys   0m0.030s

# Rust
  real  0m0.720s
  user  0m0.636s
  sys   0m0.012s
Node   0.17s user 0.03s system 101% cpu 0.209 total
Rust   0.23s user 0.01s system 98% cpu 0.238 total

To catch this one I’ll need to dig more into Rust inner workings. Does this make it more expensive to get performance out of Rust? Did I choose the wrong abstractions?..

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