Oxiziding Kraken - 2+ years of rewriting Kraken's backend to Rust

Simon Chemouil – Director of Engineering, Core Backend For more than two years now, Kraken’s Core Backend team has been using Rust to modernize services originally written in PHP, while building new products, expanding the feature set and supporting the ever expanding increase in cryptocurrency…

Why Rust?

Early 2018, Kraken already had production services written in Go and C++. While Rust promised performance, security and modern language constructs, picking it as the language to rewrite core services was a bet.

Kraken is very security-minded. As such, we prefer not to let C++ code run against user input. Even the best C++ teams in the world, like those building Windows™ or Chrome™, produce code where about 70% of CVEs are due to memory safety issues ‒such as use after free, buffer overflows, double free, that can lead to privilege escalation or accessing memory‒ that are completely prevented by languages such as Java, Go or Rust.

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