On the Perceived Inevitability of Unreal

The topic of Unreal’s impact on AAA game development is a big one with a lot of avenues to explore. I won’t claim to have the knowledge or expertise to explore many of them, these are just the thoughts and ramblings of one graphics programmer who has spent his career almost entirely on in-house engines. It’s interesting to talk about though, and I suspect I’ll just be regurgitating the thoughts of people in similar situations, but who knows, maybe someone will find this interesting. This post is somewhat of a reaction to a number of posts I’ve seen in recent months that say something to the tune of “You’d better start working with Unreal, because one day you’ll all be working in it.” I have a hard time disagreeing with that in spirit to be honest, having witnessed the decline of in-house engine development over the last decade, but I also have reasons to believe in-house tech is here to stay (there’s more than you might think!), and may even see a resurgence in the future. It will be interesting to look back on this post in 5-10 years and compare it with what’s happened in the meantime, at any rate…

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