On Building Glue Systems

Researches on glue systems have a long history, although the problem usually lures hackers instead of academics.

Rick Hickey, the creator of the Clojure programming language, called it “situated programming.” It’s about those kinds of programs that sit in the world and entangle with the world.

situate - “to put in or on a particular site or place.”

Marcel Weiher thinks that it is the “success condition” in software technology and believe our tools and linguistic mechanisms haven’t caught up to deal with this kind of problem.

I agree with them. So instead of avoiding talk about the glue system, I want to draw more attention to the problem.

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That’s hardly an essay but it does bring up a problem that I have lately: I’m sick of building glue systems…:grimacing:


What do you want to build instead Dimi? Follow your passion!! :003:

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