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No code - No backend Form sender for developers

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I’ve used several “you don’t have to write any code, just tell us what your fields are and your email address” type of systems. And some “just tell us the email address to send a text version of the form-params to”, which this seems to be since we can put whatever we want in the form. What makes this one different? And how do they prevent being abused by spammers?


Hi @davearonson ! The difference is that this tool is made for developers, it’s not the typical free plan 50/requests and 1 website…

You will use for production and/or for debug purposes, we don’t send any email if you won’t to. is a bridge, you can use only for debug, or you can link emails, Zapiers, and 3r integrations to make a big production workflow.

To prevent spam you could use the typical recaptcha and other options, but we are implementing several tools like cloudflare and backend AI systems to prevent any other “attack” or spam. provide a full bridge for developers to prevent to develop all this stuff for their own.


Sounds interesting. Your mention of “free plan” piques my curiosity about your pricing; I don’t see anything about it on the site.


Hi @davearonson ! Yes, we will add free plan for everybody, and will be completly funcional. Of course there will be some limitations if you send a lot of emails for example or a lot of usage in external APIs, but we are building a system that allows you with the free plan access to almost all features and have just a few limitations in some apis. For example, we won’t put any limitation for submisions/api request if you are not using any external APIs.

You’ll have a 100% operational platform for all your projects with free plan, that’s the idea. Because most of the free plans doesn’t work for the most projects for their remarcable limitations.