New 'paper' tablet - reMarkable 2

This looks really nice, but £399 seems a lot…


That looks really cool. It is expensive but I honestly think I would use it a lot for work. I have always preferred to scribble notes instead of typing them throughout the day or when in meetings. I have never enjoyed using a stylus with a tablet because it doesn’t feel the same and always comes out messy (could just be my lack of skills :slight_smile:) I would be very keen to try one of these.


I have had the original ReMarkable since 2018. Since then, the software has significantly improved.
The Remarkable 2 is slightly thinner, has longer battery life and is cheaper than the origional.

It really does feel very close to paper, and the fact that you can scribble on top of PDFs and ePubs really means that it is great for reading scientific papers and technical books.

Main drawbacks it currently still has is that there is no stable Linux client to sync the documents with. Your best bet is to use either the Mac/Windows client or — what I do since I only have a Linux-environment — use the Android client on my phone instead.


No color support for this price. Yeah, no …

The reason why I also still have no e-reader is the lack of color support. Great that I have like 100 tech ebooks with tons of code but reading those without proper syntax highlighting sucks.

Ebooks get more and more color based content (code, pictures) but the market comes up with more expensive readers every year without any color support.


Perhaps its due to age, but I’m quite used to single-colored books, and as long as at least basic syntax “coloring” is done by “bold”, “italics”, “underline” and combinations thereof, I can usually cope with it much better than “wrong colors” that arent readable anymore after the book has been forgotten in the sun for an hour, or are just not those I am used to…


I just got a reMarkable 2 for Christmas :gift::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You can now sync from Linux with Calibre as well as install a bunch of different hacks (such as using it as a “printer”). I’ve been enjoying it very much and I’d recommend it to anyone that wants to customize their device (and likes the writing features)


Nice one Jason! Post some pics if you get a chance - always nice to see pics of shiny new toys hardware :laughing: :blush: