.NET in Action, Second Edition (Manning)

Learn to build standout line-of-business applications using Microsoft’s .NET Framework, the premier platform for enterprise business development.

Dustin Metzgar

.NET in Action, Second Edition introduces you to cross-platform development using the Microsoft .NET platform. In each chapter, you’ll build new applications as you pick up essential .NET skills. Each new concept covered includes handy exercises that test your knowledge. The book concentrates on the most important features of .NET you’ll need to ship professional applications.

Unlike other books that swamp you with low-level details, .NET in Action provides the broad overview you need to understand the whole platform. You’ll learn how to store and retrieve data from a variety of sources, benchmark and analyze performance issues, and even secure your websites and services against unauthorized users. As you go, you’ll explore modern architectures like microservices and cloud data storage, along with practical matters like performance profiling and unit testing.

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