Neorg: Neovim 0.5’s answer to modern life organization

Neorg is a tool designed to reimagine organization as you know it. Neo - new, org - organization. Grab some coffee, start writing some notes, let your editor handle the rest.

Why do we need Neorg? There are currently projects designed to clone org-mode from emacs, what is the goal of this project? Whilst those projects are amazing, it’s simply not enough. We need our own, better solution - one that will surpass every other text editor. One that will give you all the bragging rights for using Neovim. Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • Revise the org format - Simple, very extensible, unambiguous. Will make you feel right at home. Org and markdown have several flaws, but the most notable one is the requirement for complex parsers. I really advise educating yourself on just how bad markdown can get at times; what if we told you it’s possible to eliminate those problems completely, all whilst keeping that familiar markdown feel?Enter the .norg file format, whose base spec is almost complete. The cross between all the best things from org and the best things from markdown, revised and merged into one.
  • Keybinds that make sense - vim’s keybind philosophy is unlike any other, and we want to keep that vibe. Keys form a “language”, one that you can speak, not one that you need to learn off by heart.
  • Infinite extensibility - no, that isn’t a hyperbole. We mean it. Neorg is built upon an insanely modular and configurable backend - keep what you need, throw away what you don’t care about. Use the defaults or change 'em. You are in control of what code runs and what code doesn’t run.
  • Logic. Everything has a reason, everything has logical meaning. If there’s a feature, it’s there because it’s necessary, not because two people asked for it.

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I’m not seeing any way to escape a ` within ``, which you can do in markdown like `, I.E. you can just add more `'s, like the above was made via `` ` ``, and this one was made by ``` `` ` `` ```, lol.

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