My stepdad keeps saying that Apple is an evil company

I agree with your stepdad. I dislike apple for a multitude of reasons which I won’t go into. However all big companies in my opinion are a bit shady as pointed out by a few users on this topic already. I don’t like apple because its different - not compatible with stuff and you need to buy apps to do this and that. In addition the RF radiation thing. In my opinion what makes Apple ‘evil’ is their advertising and of course this…

Save for the Lightning cable which I too hate, I haven’t encountered something as incompatible as you seem to claim. What do you mean?

I’d love to read an article proving that iPhones emit more radiation, do you have one? In all fairness the safest bet is for one to just not have a smartphone at all but for me at least that’s not a viable measure yet…

Electronics can get damaged if they try to draw certain voltage from the battery and if the battery can’t provide it – which happens when the Lithium-Ion battery ages (which happens to all smartphone batteries, Androids and iPhones alike). Your phone might literally catch fire while you sleep. Throttling devices is the lesser evil and is made so the people don’t wake up to a burned house. The objective physics of this is a limitation of our current technology and is not a corporate conspiracy. I’d love it if we had better battery tech but alas, so far we don’t.

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Funnily enough this popped up on my Tiktok feed!

I’d be interested in knowing whether her statement is true - that for every mm the increase is 15%.

I do know that speaking on mobile phones always gave me a headache and so I started using headsets a long time ago. I even have a cordless phone in the house that allows you to connect your mobile to its base station via bluetooth (radiation on home cordless phones is significantly lower than mobile phones). This is the one I have (single station and use it just for the mobile).

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BTW for similar reasons I started putting my phone away from my head when falling asleep – about 40-50cm away – and it did improve my sleep somewhat.

It’s a fact that we sold our souls to the devil, so to speak – we need our smartphones, OK, at least I do. And we never stopped to think what problems might that bring.

“The bill comes due, always”
Karl Mordo, “Doctor Strange” 2016.

Who knows how much cancer or strange illnesses will our generation suffer in their elderly years?..

So yeah, I am under no illusion that all smartphones – iPhones included – emit harmful radiation. :frowning:

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ThinkPad is a status brand these days. Perhaps not in the same respect but it is for sure cashing in on its history and brand after passing through several manufacturers. I have one for work 9 months old, X1 extreme, specced out to the limits i9, 64gb ram, good SSD, 4K touch screen. It had good numbers but next to my 16” i9 MacBook with way less RAM the quality sucks big, screen has horrid colour representation, trackpad is crap, keyboard is crap, camera is crap, mic is crap, there is no words for how much worse the speakers are, the Mac is generally faster feeling to use, the WiFi signal dies dramatically if I stand between the laptop and the access point at <4ft distance from the AP (every one of my colleges also has this issue with the same laptop) … oh and the battery on my macbook lasts no less than twice and typically three times as long. It is in every way I can think of a worse experience for at least 1/3 more at its higher spec. It just about passes as a desktop workstation when docked all the time, as a laptop it is borderline trash. I find it hard to view the MacBook as a status symbol against such cheap (quality not cost) crap. Now as previously admitted the ThinkPad is in some ways higher spec (CPU, more RAM but slower, more SSD but slower) than the MacBook despite generally worse performance in most day to day things like launching apps or turning on so it isn’t an apples to apples comparison, thankfully I’m glad not to have to deal with what that might be like. The MacBook might not be what you want and it might not be the only option out there but seriously the thinkpad in of itself is comparatively dreadful, please don’t kid yourself on this quality nonsense even if you don’t want a Mac, find something better.


I think that’s a good point about Apple hardware Toby! Macs are generally of excellent quality and often unsurpassed.

My MBA bought in 2012 stills works perfectly - the only difference is that the battery needs replacing (expected - and surprised it lasted this long and it still works plugged in to a power supply) and that it is ‘slower’ than it was, but again within reason of what I would expect of a computer that age.

(The concerns I have about Apple throttling older Macs is actually very recent, and that’s why I have personally been very vocal about it - because I don’t want them to do anything like it or to be complacent about anything which may inadvertently or even complicity lead to the same thing or feeling like it’s the same thing. In fairness, the recent update to Big Sur has fixed many of the issues and it is much faster that it was (but could still do with a few more tiny tweaks and improvements here and there.))

To be fair I do think their hardware is generally really good particularly in areas of experience I care about so can be bordering on fanboi. And while there are perhaps legitimate concerns software side I’m generally happy with the experience and compromises most of the time at least for now. But that ThinkPad seriously pisses me off and at a way higher price my fuse is pretty short for such a comparison. Apologies if that is perhaps came over with overly aggressive sounding tone.

I have also had a lot of good experiences with lifespan except during the 2016-2019 range, I got rid of that thing the second the 16” came out :joy:


X1 have the ThinkPad stamp on them just for marketing, and I don’t agree with Lenovo doing it with several other models that are not in line with what a ThinkPad represents.

A Thinkpad is not pretty, to be honest in that regard they look more like bricks, and it’s main point is being a robust laptop that you can use outside in working construction sites, because they were built with some military grade specs that allow them to cope with water in the keyboard and much more dust then others.

Keyboards in the true Thinkpads were also one of their strong points. Regardind track pads I always hated them in any laptop, but I love the track point(the red dot).


I was lucky to have been able to avoid that ‘bad phase’ :joy: (I had actually been buying a MBP for about 3 years before the 16" came out, but always ended up sending them back because they just didn’t feel like enough of a step up from my MBA - I was always sure to tell them that too).

No need to apologise, when it comes to expensive items like hardware, I think we should be allowed to vent our frustration… sometimes companies need to hear just how much something bothers their customers.


They are for sure quite a long way from the original think pads in many respects that is fair to say. Unfortunately I believe Lenovo are basically carrying the brand at this point and we are talking about a fairly recent flagship offering here. I get the point of what they used to be, but as you say now it is basically marketing. It is a sad state of affairs to be sure but IMHO there is not really any way about the current state of ThinkPad as anything more than exploiting the status of the brand… I don’t really see how this holds up as an example in an argument against BMW or Apple for using marketing and their brand.

The keyboard isn’t worst thing in the world bad, it is worse than the 16” MacBook and worse than the 2015 MacBook and worse the a mechanical of any sort I have every touched. It is however better than the 2016-(some of but being phased out now) MacBooks of particular bad keyboard lore both in feel and not having that feeling it may die at any minute, it is moderately robust, it isn’t great in either sense though. It does have the nipple. I’m not a fan, but if that is your thing then it does have that going for it.

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Older school ThinkPads were amazing. But these times are long gone.

For my last job I was issued a T490. Amazingly cute and compact machine!

…Aaaand that was about the only thing good about it. I hooked it to an external display and put it on a laptop stand so it can cool itself easily at the bottom.

Didn’t make a difference. The moment you loaded the CPU for 5s – incremental compilation – the fans would blast off at 3300 RPM for at least a minute.

I’ve used older school ThinkPads and I was seriously pondering buying one last year but that experience has put me off. Plus I’ve read a ton of Linux ThinkPad horror stories, too.

Apparently the brand has been hijacked by Lenovo and no longer has the same quality, for years now.

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They are doing it a lot for sure by extending the use of the brand in models that shouldn’t carry them.

A Thinkpad is T, X, W or P series, anything else is exploiting the name by Lenovo.

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That makes a lot of sense. I got stuck in that place of needing more for some VM based workflows and also needing to run windows some of the time, but also living in fear that my keyboard way about to die at any moment. Thankfully it didn’t, the rest of the machine was fine enough overall but that keyboard though I didn’t mind typing on it as much as some people it gave me the fear.

:joy: sometimes they do. At this point we pretty much all know they don’t really care, they money rolls in anyway.


Ok, I son’t have experience with the last T’s.

Or you had a bad model or they really killed the Thinkpad brand.

Nothing as the same quality of the old days, be it cars, computers, appliances or whatever. At least in my experience :wink:


There is some truth in that!

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in the last 10 years I had a lot of issues in this regards, sometimes things break just passed the warranty.


“Sometimes”, more like most of the time. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I don’t think companies are “good” or “bad” consistently, most of the time a company decisions are driven by profit. Also any company can act differently in different circumstances.


That’s true IMO. When people classify a company as “good” that’s only because the company’s business goals temporarily align with your values. And that can change at any time.



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