My Programming Erlang Journey

Look what just arrived :heart_eyes:

I thought it would be nice to have a section for journals :blush: Somewhere we can post small updates about our dev-related journeys; whether they be with a specific book, language, framework, job, or in fact anything else relating to development or our personal lives that impact dev (such as health/diet/moving etc).

This thread’s going to be about my journey with this book, which, I hope won’t just teach me about Erlang, but also help me get to know Joe a little better too. I’ve already read the preview chapters on PragProg’s site and I can tell you it leaves you feeling a little sentimental and emotional, because Joe’s personality shines through strong - as though he’s there with you walking you through the book himself…


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This book is on my wish list too :slight_smile:
But gotta finish some others first :roll_eyes:

Looking forward to your posts

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Aw it would be so cool if you joined me on this journey (we could individual journals or just share one). Could I twist your arm if I gift you a copy of the book? I think it would be fun as well as really interesting hearing which bits stand out for each other :blush:

Sounds fun indeed, and maybe it would give me the motivation to actually finish a book :smiley:
Of course I’d be glad about a gift copy :wink:

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