Mouse pad for Magic Mouse 2

Hi there!
I recently bought a new mouse pad (HyperX Fury) and it feels like without mouse pad the magic mouse is working better(smoother) than with it… But I don’t want to use it without mouse pad either…
So here is my question: What mouse pad do you use with your Magic Mouse? Is it a cloth one or a plastic one?

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Here’s mine:

It’s cloth :smiley:

I love it :orange_heart:

I have tracking speed set to maximum - maybe you just need to try that?

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My tracking speed is third from the end in the mouse settings (The maximum is too much for me). And I also disabled mouse acceleration with this command: defaults write .GlobalPreferences -1 (Not sure if it turns it off completely though …) You have a nice mouse pad :grinning: What model is it?

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Here ya go: