Moonlander Keyboard (Mechanical) (Ergonomic) (Split) (Ortholinear)

I have a UPS Shipping notice! It doesn’t have a delivery date yet, but at least I know it’s coming! :partying_face:


It may be shipping out at the same time as mine. Turns out the date given was premature and has since been updated to “rescheduled, check back later” :neutral_face: From the tracking it looks like it was scanned for export on Tuesday/Wednesday and then sat in Taiwan for two days. It should be here soon enough though.


Whoo hoo! Won’t be long now Brent :smiley: which switches did you order?

That’s sad :cry: hope it’s not much longer now.

  • Batch 3 included all Moonlander orders made from August 12 through September 20, 5pm US Eastern time. Batch 3 shipped between October 23 and November 6.
  • Batch 4 included all Moonlander orders made from September 20 5pm US Eastern time through October 28, 11am Eastern time. We expect to be shipping this batch from November 9 until December 25.

If you both ordered yours quite early on then I guess batch 4 won’t be sent out til the end of December or even the first part of next year :confused:

Tbh I don’t mind, I didn’t order until 20th of October and it’s my birthday in January and this was going to be a treat to myself :sunglasses:

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Oddly, on Friday the estimated delivery updated to still say Friday. Even though it was obvious from the tracking that was not the case :roll_eyes:

Finally, the next day the tracking updated to Monday, so we’ll see :crossed_fingers:

So far they’ve done fairly well with their shipping windows. @brentjanderson’s and mine did ship within the window so there’s hope!


I hope so… tho I’m sure Brent said he was one of the first to order. Did you and @brentjanderson order on/around the same date?

I’ll have everything crossed for you both for Monday :nerd_face: :nerd_face: :nerd_face:

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The Moonlander arrived today!

I appreciate the inclusion of an Allen wrench to adjust the tenting. And the addition of a combo keycap and switch puller.

These last two pics are with a custom moon landing keycap. Also the firmware has been flashed, so the LED pattern is no longer the default.


It’s here.

I get to re-learn how to type. :laughing:

Overall impression is favorable. The MX Browns are not as loud as I expected. It feels like a great keyboard!


Whoo hooo they look awesome @foxtrottwist and @brentjanderson!! I was actually going to post earlier to ask whether they’d arrived but I didn’t get around to it! :man_facepalming:t2:

How are you finding them so far? What do you think of the size? Brent, I noticed you have an Apple keyboard there, could you post a pic of the Moonlander above or below it so we can compare size please? Could you do the same with the Atreus please Law?

Are you both going to stick with Qwerty or try another layout? Edit: Law, I noticed you use Colemak so I guess you just haven’t rearranged the keycaps yet?

What are combo keycaps for? :thinking:

It looks awesome! Are you planning on making any other mods, or is that it for a while?

Me too! :rofl:

Please keep us updated on how you get on! I will definitely be curious about your progress, painpoints, etc

I wondered which switches you went for! I ordered the Kailh whites as I figured the click might help with getting used to it/touch typing.

I can’t wait for mine to arrive now!

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Sorry I don’t think I said this clearly. I’m referring to the tool to pull both key caps and key switches.

The left side is for caps the right side is for switches. The Atreus didn’t come with tool. So it’s much appreciated.


I probably won’t rearrange them. As it keeps me from cheating :wink: when trying to typing properly.

I will likely swap out the switches that I hit with my pinkies to something lighter. I’m also considering getting a keycap set. Oh and I have to admit, I really want custom coiled usb cable :grin: I’m resisting the urge for now.


@AstonJ here’s some comparison pics.

The Keyboardio Atreus is 24.3 x 10 x 2.8cm (9.6 x 3.9 x 1.1 inches).


Ah cool! I thought it might have been something to do with that packet that contains the keycaps ‘j’ ‘I’ ‘f’ (what are they for?)

I want one too! In fact I want to explore trying to customise the keyboard a bit as it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing keyboard in the world :laughing: If I had the chance I think I would jump at the chance to buy that Bear - sometimes a compromise in favour of aesthetics is worth it in my opinion :blush:

Love that pic - the oranges and blues are such a nice combo! (What lights are you using again? Phillips?)

Surprised that it’s almost as low as the Atreus. I’ll be curious to see what it looks like on my desk (I’m worried it’s going to be too big and take up too much space, tho it doesn’t look too big in your photos).

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The ‘j’ and ‘f’ are without the homing bumps if you do not use qwerty. The one that looks like an ‘I’ is actually an extra blank. All the blanks have that slit to let the LED light through.

That is a gorgeous board. :heart_eyes:

The room lights are Philips. The light strip attached to the desk is from Vocolinc.


I like the size quite well.

It’s much bigger than the Apple standard keyboard, although that is why I bought it.

The extra keycaps are so you can reorganize the layout with or without home row key bumps. I have experimented with QWERTY & Colemak, and I am trying to stick with Colemak. This post is the longest thing I have typed today! Here is my layout:

I will probably tweak it a lot before I am satisfied.


Ah right… thanks! I forget about the bumps, they are barely noticeable on Apple keyboards :laughing:

I really want one :cry:

I’ve added them to my wish list. Although I’m not sure whether it would be a good idea for my desk as part of it is in front of a window :upside_down_face:

Yeah the Apple Keyboard is a bit on the small size, I hate how the arrow keys are so squashed (and dismayed they did the same with the new MBP keyboard).

I am going to try Colemal DHm as well I think. Your layout looks cool, keep us updated on any changes Brent! Wonder if it would be worth both you and @foxtrottwist creating a Journal (in our #community:journals section) on your experience with ortho/mechanical keyboards? I reckon that sort of thing is always interesting for others :nerd_face:

Looking at your pic, it does seem quite large. I wonder how useable it would be without the wrist rest and the two side/angle attachments? I was planning on using it like that in Qwerty first just to get used to it a bit - not sure whether that would be a good idea tho :thinking:

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I tried QWERTY and found the ortholinear layout demands I re-learn everything anyway! :laughing:


That’s exactly what I’m hoping for too Brent - might finally get me to proper touch type :rofl:

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Not trollin <promise!> but that keyboard reminds me of oven gloves :joy: :relaxed:


How are you getting on with your Moonlander folks?

Saw this which I thought you might find interesting…

I can’t get that out of my head now!!


Ha I thought lobster :lobster: claws when I first saw it! :rofl: