Modern Front-End Development for Rails, Second Edition: some typos in chapters 1-3

Title: Modern Front-End Development for Rails, Second Edition P1.0

Hi @noelrappin , I am enjoying the book so far but just saw a few issues and typos I wanted to report

Chapter 1, Page 18 says:

Right now we need to update our dev scripts to use tsc-watch

The text leading up to this was all referring to tsconfig.json, so it’s not immediately clear that the dev scripts are in package.json

Chapter 2, Page 33 says:

… the recommendation is to use button_to rather thank link_to, …


Chapter 3, Page 58 says:

> fav = fav = document.querySelector...

The extra fav = seems unnecessary and this could be fav = document.querySelector...

> fav.dataset.favoriteToggleVisibleValue = "false"

After running fav.dataset.favoriteToggleVisibleValue = "false" in console for both Firefox and Chrome, I see "false" with lower case f as the output

Thanks for the notes, they will be fixed if and when we do a new printing

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