Modern CSS with Tailwind: No Love for Windows users

Title: Modern CSS with Tailwind: bin/setup not working on windows (page 4)

$ bin/setup doesn’t work on Windows

Tried $ ruby bin/setup. This ran the setup script but failed on yarn.

Edited the bin/setup script to have ‘ruby bin/yarn’ which then ran bin/yarn but that also failed even though yarn is present.

‘bin’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

D:\projects\css\tailwind-css>rails bin/setup

D:\projects\css\tailwind-css>ruby bin/setup
== Installing dependencies ==
The Gemfile’s dependencies are satisfied

== Command [“bin/yarn”] failed ==

D:\projects\css\tailwind-css>ruby bin/setup
== Installing dependencies ==
Yarn executable was not detected in the system.
Download Yarn at

== Command [“ruby bin/yarn”] failed ==

D:\projects\css\tailwind-css>yarn -v

Perhaps instead of relying on bin/setup provide a list of commands to run manually on Windows platforms? Then provide any files which need to be edited manually?

I think Windows users might be best served by trying the other version of the sample app built with create-react-app that should just run with node. There’s nothing that requires Rails in the sample (except for an image tag), it’s just some HTML with Tailwind classes.