Microservices – Please, Don’t (2016)

For a while, it seemed like everyone was crazy for microservices. You couldn’t open up your favorite news aggregator of choice without some company you had never heard of touting how the move to microservices had saved their engineering organization. You may have even worked for one of those companies that got swept up in all the hype around these tiny, magical little services and how they were going to solve all of the problems in your big, ailing, legacy codebase.

Of course, in hindsight, nothing could have been further from the truth. The beauty of hindsight is that it’s often much closer to the 20/20 vision we thought we had looking forward, all those months ago.

I’m going to cover a few of the major fallacies and “gotchas” of the Microservices movement, coming from someone who worked at a company that also got swept up in the idea that breaking apart a legacy monolithic application was going to save the day. While I don’t want the takeaway of this blog post to be “Microservices == Bad”, ideally anyone reading this should walk away with a series of issues to think about when deciding if the move to a Microservice based architecture is right for them.

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