macOS users - what are you disappointed about?

I think we need a macOS rants thread - just for those little things that bug us :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Feel free to start dedicated threads for any ‘bigger’ issues, but if you just want to get something off your chest or feel it doesn’t warrant a dedicated thread, you’re welcome to use this one…

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Apple Music

Apple Music has been bugging me for a while, both on macOS and iOS. Right now their search is pretty pants - and Shazam isn’t much better! I often Shazam something but it doesn’t show a link for Apple Music… but then I go to Apple Music and search for the same track and it’s there! Also searching in AM is rubbish too, especially when you combine two artists who have co-released a track.

Sometimes I wonder whether Apple devs actually use their computers tbh - probably out and about enjoying all those billions :rofl: (can’t say I blame them tbh, but they should set up feedback groups).

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Apple Music search is embarrassing! On my Mac often times it doesn’t even pick my search and just shows the “For You” tab contents… :man_facepalming:

Apple Books can’t even remember which book you are reading after it gets restarted in the background (on your phone or tablet). The same happens when I restart the app on my Mac… This is a very amateur and sloppy job.

Safari is awfully slow when showing all tabs or opening a new tab. After a lot of reading many people pinpointed the problem at having a lot of bookmarks, which makes it even worse. What kind of a software, in 2021, with the absurd amount of processing power 95% of all computers have, is going to lag that severely on opening a new tab because you have some meager 5K bookmarks or so? :open_mouth:

iOS / iPadOS Photos periodically rearranges my albums and I have to arrange them back.

iOS / iPadOS is taking ages to check and populate new GMail messages (to be fair, it might be Google’s fault here but still, it works much faster on a Mac).

Also lately my iMac Pro has rebooted by itself twice (last 3 weeks or so), which left a very sour taste in my mouth.

As we discussed lately, they are slipping badly.

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Lack of support bothers me a bit, but it’s alright :smiley:
Big sur is amazing, but since I’m on a hackintosh, I won’t be able to take full advantage of my specs :grimacing:

I can’t write curly brackets with my Windows enhanced keyboard (Swedish Pro layout, help me out MacOS pros!!)

cmd, ctrl and option are weird. Especially on a windows enhanced keyboard :dizzy_face:

Otherwise I can’t really can’t see any other issues with MacOS than those I listed above :sweat_smile:

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