Machine Learning in Elixir: Nx.random_uniform/1 is deprecated. (B1.0, Chapter 6, Page 128)

Hey @seanmor5 ,

Similar to the errata on deprecation on page 44, on page 128:

|> NeuralNetwork.predict(w1, b1, w2, b2

Raises a warning

warning: Nx.random_uniform/1 is deprecated. Use Nx.Random.uniform/2 instead

It still works for now but thought we’d stay up to date with the Nx API.

So I believe an updated line would be

{input, _new_key} = Nx.Random.uniform(new_key)
NeuralNetwork.predict(input, w1, b1, w2, b2)

Hope it helps!


Edit: As I’m writing this, I see that’s the case in the supplementary Livebooks.

I think this has been addressed. Thank you!