Lenovo’s Glasses T1 let you bring a private big screen display with you

Lenovo’s Glasses T1 let you bring a private big screen display with you.
A pocketable but huge monitor you can take with you

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Just wondering if people will think this is another generation of “glassholes”, and attach a stigma. Could be great for meetings though! I’ve been in many where I’d much rather be watching a movie. The big question is, how to hide the earbuds, since the glasses’ speakers will be a bit too public.

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I haven’t had the chance to try any of these glasses, I always wonder how confortable they are to the eyes…

does anyone have any experience with them?

do the eyes get sore after a couple of hours? or the head starts to ache?

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I haven’t either… but I bet it will be vary fatiguing having to focus on something so close to the eye?

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I think it’s not for people like me, who still use wired mouse, keyboard and headphones, because they’re close to the body and their wireless alternatives emit potentially harmful waves.

Also, I wonder how would you move your eyes’ focus from one corner of the (virtual) display to another, since in case of a real display we not only move our eyes but also move our heads.

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Maybe useful for people into graphics design or art, and not for the common programmer?