Leaked government document shows Spain wants to ban end-to-end encryption

Leaked Government Document Shows Spain Wants to Ban End-to-End Encryption.
In response to an EU proposal to scan private messages for illegal material, the country’s officials said it is “imperative that we have access to the data.”

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Banning E2E encryption will do more harm than good. But I hope they will find other ways to catch and stop those who use the internet to commit crimes.

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That’s political propaganda in nutshell … It’s about to eliminate privacy. Do you really think that politics understands what E2E is? Do you really think that politics, with sticky notes with password on their laptops, care about privacy? They order Do this, now! If the response is We can't because they use E2E then they reply with Then ban it and do what we said!. Of course it’s shallower version, but shows how things works for them.