Latest PragProg books on HumbleBundle - Help Some Kids

We’re supporting Starlight, which helps entertain and distract scared and lonely kids. Please give what you can (even if you already own any of the books) because the cause is really amazing and it also supports our authors.

This collection has some stellar titles including SQL Antipatterns Volume 1 and Building Table Views with Phoenix LiveView.

Please help spread the word and do some good. Thank you!


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A good way to give back, and learn at the same time :slight_smile:


Nice! And it just reminded me of this book:

There are so many books I want to read!

Wonder if Johanna has any tips for reading as well as writing :003:

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Hi Aston,

I was clicking around on Humble Bundle and noticed if you select $1 as your initial donation amount, it allows you to select a smaller bundle that includes Good Math by Mark C. Chu-Carroll. I just wanted to mention that in case people are hesitating because they don’t want all of the books.


@PragmaticErica, is it possible to link these books to our Pragmatic account for errata updates and such, or are they only standalone?


When you purchase from Humble, you’re contributing to a wonderful cause. It is a separate system from us, and the purchases do not transfer.

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