Last Mile Redis

Fly runs apps (and databases) close to users, by taking Docker images and transmogrifying them into Firecracker micro-vms, running on our hardware around the world. You should try deploying an app, right now: it only takes a few minutes.

100 milliseconds is the magic number. For a backend application, a sub-100ms response time is effectively instantaneous, and people love using “instant” apps. Since we’re all dirty capitalists, we’d add: if people love your app, you’ll make more money. But you can also chase sub-100ms for the endorphins.

When app developers need to shave tens of milliseconds off their request times, they start with their database. But optimizing databases is painful. When it comes to making “things-that-involve-data” fast, it’s easier to add a layer of caching than to make database changes. Even basic cache logic can shave tens of milliseconds off database queries. So backend developers love caches.

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