Kotlin and Android Development featuring Jetpack: Treating method as a Property (Page 111)

Page 111 has:
fun playAITurn(
players: List,
currentPlayer: Player,
slots: List,
canPass: Boolean = false
): TurnResult? =
currentPlayer.selectedAI?.let { ai →
if (!canPass || ai.rollAgain(slots)) {
roll(players, currentPlayer, slots)
} else {
pass(players, currentPlayer)

Yet selectedAI() is defined in data class NewPlayer as follows:

fun selectedAI() = if (!isHuman.get()) {
} else {

Question: How can selectedAI() function be called using just selectedAI ??

Thank you
Mike (fairly new to Kotlin with little knowledge of Java)

Hey Mike!
You’re correct that selectedAI() in NewPlayer is a function, but it’s a property inside Player, which is the class referenced in the playAITurn() function.

NewPlayer calculates the AI, Player takes that value to be used later.

Hope this helps!

Most grateful