John Deere's ongoing GPL violations: What's next

John Deere’s ongoing GPL violations: What’s next.
I grew up on a farm. My parents worked hard to grow crops and manage
the farm business. My parents also found additional jobs to make ends
meet. As farmers have done for millennia, my family used tools to farm.
Some of those tools were tractors. Farmers now, as they have for
thousands of years, rely on their ability and right to fix their tools.
Perhaps that’s bending a hand rake back into shape. Maybe they need to
weld a broken three-point hitch back together. Agriculture was
humanity’s first truly revolutionary technological advancement. Since
its inception, each generation of farmers exercised their right to
repair their tools. This has allowed agriculture to grow and improve
immeasurably. We take for granted the benefits that this has given us,
and the abundance of food it provides.

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