Is AI Moving Too Fast? | Future Tech

Is AI Moving Too Fast? | Future Tech.
Tech experts are calling to pause powerful AIs in order to create a safe guard. Gizmodo’s editors discuss the latest AI news.

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IMHO, I think it is. But I hope it will be used to solve problems that stumped humanity for many years, even recent challenges.

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I think GPT-4 is still dangerous at it current state since it has inherent biases and can still generate erroneous information, if we don’t recognize that it still has limitations.

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First if you are afraid, you are already a slave. There is no cure for that except destroying the source of fear which is insane. :fearful:

Let’s change a topic for a second … We think that aliens would look like a humans whereas scientists said that we may not recognize some aliens as living forms, because they may look like a cloud. It’s terrible way of thinking that AI would be like humans and even worse is that it would share only everything bad characteristics from us. AI may have motivation that we do not understand. :exploding_head:

What’s more even if AI would be like human is every human so ugly. I know … covid, wars and so on … but not everyone wishes for the worst scenario. AI should have a respect for humans like we have for older people, at least we should. :sweat_smile:

Sooner or later if we want to do any significant progress we would need AI. Instead of thinking why it would kill us we should think how we can work together. Let’s say AI wants to be on same level as humans. When would you accept it? For me it’s pretty simple … It would be only when we or AI would create a technology to transfer our will to machine and prove that AI is exactly same except that it was not a human before of course. :thinking:

What is a source of all fears? Not understanding. Because we do not understand someone will, we have are afraid of them, hate them and then a self-fulfilling prophecy made by us is comes true. For some reason humanity likes to going to self-destruction. Don’t worry, even without AI our future does not looks like a heaven. :military_helmet:

Choose for destroying all humanity is logical, but not everything which is logical is true. Of course we should prepare for every case, but honestly have no idea how to properly comment people who think that AI is dangerous, because they saw it in movies, TV and any other media full of science fiction, fake news and thing like that. :newspaper_roll:

All we need to do is talk. Because people are divided on various small groups, politics do what they want. Nobody would take your words serious if you would be like that or share a “copy-paste emotions”. AI wants to save the world from us? Great! Let’s talk with it how we can survive and save the world. More than AI, I’m afraid of people who don’t think about these kinds of possibilities. :scream:

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