Introducing Windows 11

Actually looks quite nice :smiley:

What do you Windows users think tho :upside_down_face:


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I use Linux and Windows for work, from my perspective Windows 11 has too many limitations to be attractive (enforcing secure boot and tpm2 for example). Since Windows 10 is going to be supported until 2025 there is no plan to upgrade our work Windows machines.

Once it is released, I plan to try it in a VM just to make sure all our software still works on it.


For sure, last (real) Windows had version 7 and from version 8 we have Tiles. :smiling_imp:

For me the most funny thing were mixed gray and white background on dark theme. It makes the whole UI so ugly for me and because of my eyes I decided to not use this OS at everyday. Regardless of Windows features if I can’t watch it I can’t even try it, so for me better is even Bash terminal - at least it’s consistent. :smiley: Not sure if that was fixed, but from what I remember they did not fixed right-click menu colors for months …

I still remember GTA: San Andreas with some big mod working properly on XP, giving black screen on 7 and working properly even faster than on XP under wine. :joy:

Regarding Windows 11 does it have more new features than Chrome … 56 or 63? For me they go too far with number and too nearby with features.

When I started working as a developer I was fascinated about CSS 4 , EcmaScript Next and HTML 5 new features. This was until I realized how fast they are implemented. If we now look how some open source projects are developed like Elixir or Livebook then we can see that in every it’s release everyone may find something useful for themself.

M$ would need a lot of work to convince me to their products. Last time I’m almost not using any of their products and I’m even thinking about deleting Linked In account as notification on this “page” works like after applying Acta version 11. :smiling_imp:

This is my half funny - half serious opinion about it. For now I’m completely not interested especially after they were forcing updates, because they new OS was not enough popular …