Introducing Rust (2010)

If you’re interested in Rust this is worth a read :smiley:

Technology from the past come to save the future from itself


I have been writing a compiled, concurrent, safe, systems programming language for the past four and a half years.

Spare-time kinda thing. Yeah, I got problems.

A small group of people in Mozilla got interested in it this past year, once I told them what I was up to.

We’ve been trying to finish it for the past few months, to see what we can make of it.



There is no master plan, nefarious plot, etc.

You are not going to be forced to use it.

We are not “rewriting the browser”. That’s impossible. Put down the gun.

We do not know what exactly will come of it.

It was a coincidence of a maturing side project and a desire for some slightly less-annoying language technology, nothing crazy…

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So, kind of an antology?

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Not looked at it yet, but there’s also this Dimi:

This is a reconstruction – extracted and very lightly edited – of the “prehistory” of Rust development, when it was a personal project between 2006-2009 and, after late 2009, a Mozilla project conducted in private.

The purposes of publishing this now are:

  1. It might encourage someone with a hobby project to persevere
  2. It might be of interest to language or CS researchers someday
  3. It might settle some arguments / disputed historical claims

Cute. But I am pretty sure I won’t be looking at it. I am most interested in what Rust has to offer _now. :wink:

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The pdf in the first post is definitely worth looking at :smiley:

I’m not sure why, but the history of a language, and perhaps more importantly, the people behind it matter to me. I think I am just too principled for my own good :rofl: (I’d prefer not to support/use anything created by anyone who is bigoted or who I have felt has been damaging to society).

1.50.0 just got released too - might as well add it here for posterity :smiley:

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I get the sentiment but technology doesn’t get influenced by human morals. If a library / language / tool works flawlessly then I’d leave it to courts to resolve any moral (or even criminal) problems with the author of the piece of tech.

…And now I am even less inclined to read any Rust history since you implied that the creators have some sort of a dark past.

Not at all (at least not to my knowledge) in fact I was pleased to learn its creator isn’t the same person who created JS :upside_down_face: although I don’t think I’ve ever seen any pictures or videos/talks by Graydon Hoare… I’m beginning to wonder whether the person actually exists :thinking: