Info For Bloggers!

Are you a self-hosted blogger? If so you’re going to love this! :003:

Devtalk is a great place to come and tell the world you’ve posted a new blog post - not only do we tweet a link to your thread on Twitter (including hashtags of associated languages), but whenever one of your blog posts features in any one of our portals (eg: we remove the rel-nofollow attribute to help with your SEO game :partying_face:

Want to give it a go? Here’s how:

Step 1

Write a good blog post!

Step 2

Initiate thread creation here in any one of our Blogs/Articles/Talks/Podcasts sections and paste the URL of your blog post in the TITLE field.

Once the URL registers with the system (the link will appear in the body field below) you can edit the title field to whatever you like (most people use the title of the blog post).

Step 3

Add the blog-post tag, as well as any tags relating to your blog post (such as the taga of the language or framework it is about).

Step 4

In the body of your post include a short description about the blog post and ensure the link is below it, here’s an example.

Step 5

Hit Create Topic and you’re done!

Some Guidelines


  • only use this for your own or your company’s blogs
  • only use this for new blog posts
  • only add tags that are directly relevant to your blog post
  • only post one thread per blog post
  • feel free to test this out in our testing section

That’s it - we hope you enjoy this feature! :023:

Note: This also works for podcasters and screencasters! Just use the podcast or screencast tag instead.

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