In defense of complicated programming languages

In the winter of 2014/15, I was a university student, who characteristically had too much free time on my hands, and not enough money to keep myself busy in that free time. Bored and broke, programming was a perfect hobby to pick up. It’s free if you already own a computer, and the time investment is not a discouragement when you’re fighting boredom. I chose to learn Python on a recommendation, and I can heartedly forward that recommendation to a beginner: The learning curve is gentle, and the language is mostly pleasant and without too many distractions when you just need to wrap your head around how a for loop works. I advanced quickly enough.

There was, however, one concept I struggled deeply with understanding: Classes. Not the dark magic in the depths of class implementation grimoire, but simply the concept of classes as it appears on its surface…

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Very interesting article, not in agreement the whole way, but mostly there for sure.