I received an error notice with the number "ORA-02091"

I was working on a project that required me to update data in a SQL database. I initiated a transaction and modified the data with a series of SQL statements. When I was finished, I used the COMMIT statement to permanently store the modifications.

However, when I ran the COMMIT command, I received an error notice with the number “ORA-02091”. This error notice suggested that there was an issue with the last transaction I had initiated.

I looked up the problem number in the documentation and discovered that it was generated by a distributed transaction in which I was attempting to commit changes across many databases. It also suggested that there was a problem with the two-phase commit mechanism.

I realised this was the issue when I realised I was changing data in two distinct databases with the same transaction. One database was on a distant server, while the other was on my local PC. The error number indicated that the two-phase commit mechanism between the two databases was failing.

To overcome this problem, I read Scaler’s blog, which stated that I needed to analyze the code and ensure that the transactions were correctly synchronized. Could someone please assist me?

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