I moved my workspace to VR, here's what I learnt

I moved my workspace to VR, here’s what I learnt.
I spent a month working full time in virtual reality. Is the tech there yet? Is it comfortable to use VR? Should we all switch to $500 headsets from the $1500+ displays? Here are the answers.

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I would so so very much love a fully-VR workspace. Linux’s wayland system is getting some really good designs for this, all fully integrated unlike the mac/windows screen copiers, lol.

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Only skimmed the article but based on my own experience with VR I don’t think we are there yet for it to serve as a setup for coding.

While nice in theory I think you would need to developing headsets that are less enclosed in order for them to a be a viable option for prolonged work sessions.

First of all it gets really warm around the eyes (adding to the effect of having two monitors a cm from your eyes to make your eyes really dry) but there are also some technical limitations with current generation that would need to be improved

  1. Resolution is too low for comfortably reading text all day
  2. The headsets are too heavy to wear all day without developing neck pain
  3. The sweet spot where things are not blurry is too limited, meaning you will need to move your head in order to move the focus to where you want to look

I actually quite like it enclosed, I easily can spend 8+ hours in my VR headset… ^.^;

Oh definitely need a better mesh thing for that then! I have something washable and breathes. It is annoying it didn’t come with a good one though.

Definitely depends on the headset. ^.^;

I haven’t experienced that after a year now, but perhaps in the future?

Also depends on the headset to various degrees, but even with the best I’ve tried they aren’t perfect for sure.

So what I’m hearing is we need to get rid of the headset and get a human-brain direct interface instead? ^.^


Hehe, each to his own I guess. I would never be able to do that :slight_smile:

That’s a good point, I haven’t investigated a better mesh. Thanks for the tip!

Which headset do you have?

I noticed that the PIMAX 8K had quite a bit better resolution than the Valve Index which my main experience so maybe this is no longer an issue.

Admittedly this was not based on actual experience, I have never used mine for long enough to develop neck pain from wearing it (but I’m quite sure I would if I spent 8hrs a day in it), again, likely different for everyone.



I’m the same! I get annoyed by headphones (so only use in-ear ones now, unless I need studio quality monitors).

I wonder how long before we see retina implants that basically give us a super res screen capable of AR? Within a couple of hundred years I think :smiley:

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Honestly I imagine a lot sooner than that, lol.

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