How to: create automated commands and then give them a keyboard shortcut on a Mac

Posting this for future reference :grin:

  • Open Automater > New > Quick Action

  • Change Workflow receives current to no input

  • Click on the Record icon

  • Click on your app and then do what you want it to then click the stop button.

Once done, delete the first command (clicking on the app) and then save it. Then ensure you have given the app permission in your Mac settings via Security & Privacy > Acessibility > Allow the apps below to control your computer.

Then go to the app, and from the menu bar, under Name of app > Services > Name you gave the action click it to see if it works, if it doesnโ€™t, then you can set up a custom keyboard shortcut for it :nerd_face:

(To delete a quick action, delete the file from .Library > Services)

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