How SEO and lead generation are related with each other in a business

Hello this is Gulshan Negi
Well, I am a software developer and have developed many web applications and games in various programming languages. Nowadays, I am learning about SEO, whose basic aim is to rank your content on top of the SERP, and according to some articles about lead generation, it is also responsible for attracting your customers. My concern is that, is SEO and lead generation are related to each other ?

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If you’re not in the search engines then how will people find you?

Good thing is most search engines are smart enough to know what is legitimate content for specific searches, but it can take some time for them to index you.

Some people argue search engines purposely throttle some domains, while favouring others - and there’s probably some truth in this. Some have stated that when they tried Google Adwords that their organic search position fell and they’ve felt this is because Google know you are willing to pay so will push you in that direction.

I do think it’s crazy that when you search for some companies the first paid/sponsored listing is the company that should come up organically anyway! Do these companies just like chucking money away? :upside_down_face: