How much do elixir devs charge?

I really need developers to help create my messaging platform but I’m not sure how much they want etc.

I’ve never hired anyone before :sweat_smile:


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I’d guess it might be similar to what you’d pay in other languages, but it’ll depend on your budget too - a smaller budget may be more attractive to junior devs for instance.

So the question you are most likely to get asked is, what’s your budget? :upside_down_face:

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People asking about how much would you like too early in the interview process should scare you. They don’t care about what you would contribute, they need butts in seats so likely the project you will be working on will be horribly mismanaged and you’ll hate your life every day you are working for this company.

Elixir devs aren’t special in any regard compared to many others. We are in a smaller niche and we are expected to produce a bit more quality than your average JS dev for example – but even that is not guaranteed and hugely depends on the company.

So IMO you should aim at what you would be comfortable with taking home and negotiate on it.

Even as a senior programmer I’ve been having some rather badly paid gigs – but I negotiated down the expected responsibilities and the workload was light so having a sub-optimal payment was OK.

There’s no absolute answer. If you stumble upon a web dev agency full of people from very poor countries then you’d be lucky to get $1000. If you randomly stumble upon an USA financial company they might blow your mind with $10,000. :slight_smile:

Learning to negotiate is crucial.


You could also try asking Elixir devs like @NobbZ and @Eiji who may be available to take on work on weekends etc?

Have a look here:


Of course salaries may be way different across job offers and in each country. If we talk about professional 40h work then:

  1. USA/Canada - when taking a one Elixir course I asked about a typical salary in their contacts. They said between 50-150 USD per hour (depends on experience) and soon after it they posted a job offer for 250 USD per hour. If we count 2016 working hours in Poland in 2021 it’s around 7-21k EUR (7111.31-21333.94 to be precise)

  2. West Europe - most full-time remote job offers are around 4-6k EUR per month

  3. Poland - when working for Polish company it’s usually between 8-16k PLN (that’s 1728.71-3457.49 in EUR)

Of course the real salary is to negotiate and depends on many things like if it’s a remote job, a contract duration and so on.

@Jsdr3398 If interested we may discuss more details using private messages. :smiling_imp:


Oh my god where do I find people to hire me? hahahaha

Jokes aside, send me a DM! :smiley:


You might be tempted not to look at local jobs, but only remote, because it’s better paid.

You might also have to deal with timezone, how do You deal with this?


I mean, if it’s remote then Timezones shouldn’t be a problem. People are awake when they are awake :sweat_smile:


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That’s too late. Unfortunately the offers in Poland can took long weeks if not months to hire. Comparing to other companies in other countries where they can pay you at least twice if not better and prepare everything including documents within week or so …

As a senior Elixir remote developer I’m used to change timezone quickly. Just one really good sleep and I can work at night on next day, so I don’t worry about it. The only problem are audio connection as in many cases it may be a problem. In my previous jobs nobody before wanted it even for recrutation purposes.


Regardless of the amount you pick, whether you are the interviewer or the interviewee, never give a definite value, always give a possible Range, and try to make it a wide range if you can, but make sure both the start and end are realistic for you.


Smart, thanks!